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An iron ramp was built from scratch. It's a simple pull-out ramp that goes on the car's under side. Once you pull it out, it locks into place and is steady enough for a wheel chair to be pushed over it.

All the original winger seats are removed, the space now fits 3 wheelchair and 3 regular seats in addition to a driver and cleaner up front. Depending on the number of wheelchair user in the vehicle, you can have a variety of seating combinations.

If there are only two wheelchairs instead of three, it frees up space for two more regular. The regular seats are a little different. They're attached to the walls of the vehicle and spring up against the sides when not in use, freeing up more space.

The inside of the vehicle includes air-conditioner, a DVD player with an LCD screen, a computer with a wireless connection, a Blaupunkt music system, charging point of cell-phones and laptops, and a mini refrigerator.

To know more about the vehicle or to contact Arvind Prabhoo, visit or dial their toll free number, 1800-22-42-55.

Tie-up at the Airports, and some Hotels in Mumbai

Pickup and Drop facility available

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